Friday, February 10, 2012

Twitter is what Twitter does

Twitter is one of the top three social media channels being used by B2B marketers. The other two are Linkedin, and Facebook. According to BtoB Magazine 67% B2B marketers are using Twitter as one of the most-used form of social media marketing.

When asked to cite about their social media channel, B2B marketers responded that Twitter was only the top channel for 13% where users “pay attention”, despite being used by 67% of the marketers. The marketers in the survey saw Twitter as a way to support website traffic and event promotions.

About 75% of B2B marketers who participated in the survey said they do not measure the 
ROI of their social marketing programs. Why are social media marketers not measuring the effectiveness of Twitter? 

It poses a lot of questions for clients 
and the value they should be receiving from Tweeting. Twitter is a useful means of marketing your companies brand and product.

It is important to establish 
a plan-of-action that measures the effectiveness of Twitter. One source for measuring is a Klout Score. Klout Score measures influence based on data that drives action.

Klout Score consists of: 
True Reach: How many people you influence 
Amplification: How much you influence them  
Network Impact: The influence of your network 

The True Reach measure the response (ReTweets) of people engaging with content. The Amplification measures sharing the message. The Network Impact is measured by key business partners and how they respond to your content. These are strong metric indicators to show the value of Tweeting.

The key to Twitter is creating a strong network of industry buyers who want to be the first to know about your innovative technologies or a new product launch or an upcoming event. Choose your network wisely. If you’re Tweeting for business, be professional. The content you provide says a lot  about who your company is and why Twitters should follow your business.

In Tweeting more is less. An effect brand message tells the message in a simple and direct way. 140 characters is the limit established for a single tweet. Manage followers who are most influential to the success of your business. The best way to use Tweeter is to actively participate in the conversation.

Like anything else, Twitter doesn’t work if you don’t use it to its full capabilities.

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